Gus Muhaimin serta Dubes Rusia Dialog tentang Islam di Ponpes Nurul Iman Bandung

According to Gus Muhaimin, it was very stated when attending the dialogue on Islamic life in Indonesia and in Russia together with the Russian Ambassador Lyudmila Vorobieva at Ponpes Nurul Iman, Cibaduyut, Bandung City, Tuesday (24/1/2023).

We sincerely hope that Russia will soon be peaceful and end the war with anyone, if Russia is peaceful, God willing, we and the world will be much better. I had thought in Russia that there are many Muslims, we are here the majority, if fellow Muslims can become peacemakers, I think it’s good,” said Gus Muhaimin.

In front of the Russian Ambassador Gus Muhaimin said that Islam Ahlussunnah Wal Jemaah (Aswaja) in Indonesia has consistently become a stronghold of peace. He admitted that there were many foreign ideas that came in and wanted to damage Indonesia, but all were deterred by the power of Aswaja.

“We must limit this freedom with Aswaja, because with Aswaja we are strong economically, politically, and religiously strong. The question of the diversity of our students has been tested, it is only the economy and political matters that we must strengthen,” said Gus Muhaimin.

The Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia for Korkesra was also pleased that the Russian Ambassador was pleased to visit the Pesantren. According to Gus Muhaimin, the culture and traditions of Pesantren can also be used as a medium for world peace, especially in Russia.

“I am happy that the Ambassador can go around, I hope that later I will travel to pesantren more, God willing, the culture of pesantren if imported to Russia will not be a loss,” he said.

Meanwhile, Lyudmila said she was happy to be well received by nurul iman’s caregivers and thousands of students. He said that Islam in Russia existed thousands of years ago and developed quite rapidly.

“Islam is experiencing a resurgence in Russia, over the past 30 years mosques in Russia have increased 70-fold, now there are almost 7000 mosques,” Lyudmila said.

“Islam in Russia entered about 1100 years ago, so the Muslim population of Russia has long been mukim in Russia, they are not immigrants. The number is now about 30 percent of the total Russian population,” Lyudmila continued.

In the same location, Nanny Ponpes Nurul Iman KH. Khairuddin Ali hopes that the arrival of Gus Muhaimin and the Russian Ambassador will add blessings to pesantren and all students.

“Jazakumullah to all parties especially Gus Muhaimin who has appointed our place. Hopefully this event will be a barokah. As soon as Gus Muhaimin came to the Nurul Iman area, there was a NU logo, he understood this must be the akidah of Aswaja, Nahdliyah Wasathiyah. That is perhaps our talisman from mbah Hashim to counteract the growth rate of wahabi salafi in Bandung City especially,” said Kiai Khairuddin.

Also present Gus Muhaimin was present accompanied by a number of PKB elites, including the Chairman of the PKB Faction of the DPR RI Cucun A. Syamsurijal, Wabendum Bambang Susanto, Wasekjen and Chairman of the DPW PKB Jabar Syaiful Huda, Staff of the Minister of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia Dita Indahsari, and Secretary of the DPW PKB Jabar Acep Jamaluddin.

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