Unraveling the Gaza Hospital Blast: Examining Conflicting Claims and Realities

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Israel claims the explosion at al Ahli hospital was caused by a misfired missile from Gaza, but Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad accuse Israel. This is all we know so far about what occurred.

An explosion occurred at Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza on Tuesday evening, killing numerous Palestinians. So far, here’s what we know:

What occurred at the Gaza Hospital?

According to local accounts, an incident happened at Al-Ahli al-Arabi Hospital in Gaza City about 7 p.m. on Tuesday. The actual number of casualties from the incident is unknown at this time. The Gaza Health Ministry initially claimed at least 500 deaths, although the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) stated that this figure was perhaps overblown.

According to video footage obtained by the Associated Press from the hospital, the explosion spread bodies across the grounds, including tiny children.

What Did Hamas Say?

Following the explosion, Hamas issued a statement calling it a “massacre” and held Israel accountable. The Islamic State group said, “The heinous massacre committed by the Israeli occupation of besieged Gaza city’s Al-Ahli Al-Arabi hospital, which killed hundreds, most of whom are displaced families, patients, children, and women, is an act of genocide that reveals once again the hideous face of this criminal enemy and its fascist and terrorist government.”

What Did Israel Say?

Israel has denied involvement for the explosion, claiming it was caused by a failed rocket fire from Gaza by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) at 6:59 p.m. local time. They stressed that no aircraft, ground, or naval strikes occurred at the hospital. According to the IDF, the facility was not specifically targeted. Instead, a PIJ rocket misfired and landed in a parking lot, exploding automobiles.

Israel claimed that no Israeli bombs or holes were found in the hospital. They have, however, released radar photos purportedly depicting the course of PIJ rockets going above the hospital.

Sky News published photographs of the damage and casualty areas to refute accusations that the holes were made by Israeli rockets.

A man walks with salvaged items past destroyed vehicles at the site of the Ahli Arab hospital in central Gaza on October 18, 2023 in the aftermath of an overnight blast there. A blast ripped through a hospital in war-torn Gaza killing hundreds of people late on October 17, sparking global condemnation and angry protests around the Muslim world. The Israeli army spokesman on October 18 said that Israel had “evidence” that militants were responsible for the blast that killed hundreds at a Gaza hospital, saying a review proved others were at fault.

Can Rockets Explode?

Rockets launched by factions such as Hamas or PIJ may occasionally misfire and inflict unintentional harm. According to accounts, when such rockets are fired toward southern Israel, they might often fall short and do very minor damage.

Could these armed groups have such powerful rockets?

These organizations have a history of launching rockets, notably “Molotov” rockets, which have a shorter range and less destructive capability than other types of missiles. It is believed that when Hamas or Islamic Jihad rockets target southern Israel, the damage is usually less severe than what was witnessed at the hospital.

What about the analysis of above imagery?

According to an American intelligence assessment, the hospital was hit by a PIJ rocket that went astray. This judgment, however, contradicts Israel’s account for the incident.

The situation is still unfolding, and more investigations are being conducted to ascertain the actual circumstances behind the explosion at Gaza City’s Al-Ahli Hospital.

Please bear in mind that this is a developing story, and additional information may become available as the investigation continues.

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